About Us

Dear robotic enthusiasts,

In 2007, we dreamed to see Filipino Youth win in the International robot Olympiad.  After 6 years sending teams through the generosity of Data Science Technology Corp, parents, and teachers, the Philippines finally got 3 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze medals in Denver last December 2013.  Data Science Technology Corp. has consistently sponsored the winners of the National Robotics Competition to the past 7 IRO and pledged to increase the number of sponsored teams.  We are very grateful to the many volunteer teachers who make the National Robotics Competition and Sumobot possible.  Their efforts of training young people to invent their own robot, causes the young to believe in themselves.  The coaches who volunteer as referees, judges in a very educative manner has helped us raise the quality of robotics training and competition for the young.  Congratulations to all!!!

This year, we experimented with a creative robofest contest with the participation and support of the provincial capitol of Ilocos Norte and TUP Visayas.  This contest aims to create a venue for students to showcase their invention that make use of robotics technology, for relevant issues our society face today.  Imagine a day each year where young people gather in a large parking lot to showcase and explain their inventions and how it’s production will make an impact in society.  We hope that through this annual initiative, other volunteers will rise up to join us in our efforts.

We constantly are in need of support in the following areas:

  1. Sponsorship of teams to the international robot Olympiad
  2. Sponsorship of prizes and giveaways for winners and volunteers in the National Robotics Contest (including Sumobot).
  3. Speakers, referees, judges, ushers, and contest organizers.
  4. Support for kids to provide a roadmap towards patenting of their work.

As of today, our special team of robotics trainers have successfully developed and prototyped with schools a robotics curriculum for high school and elementary.  We continue to develop training materials to make robotics simple enough for everyone.  We encourage those we have trained in the different regions in the Philippines to join us in our efforts of making robotics a main stay in the lives of the youth today.